Education is the basis for a strong and vibrant economy.  The needs and demands of education vary greatly by state and we must respect that.  If we want our education system to improve, we must allow the states to determine what the best practices are.

From my experience as a Trustee for Texas Southmost College, I have been a part of strengthening a junior college in an under-served community.  At the federal level, there are initiatives we must support to make college more affordable and accessible. I will continue to fight for affordability and accessibility for future generations.

I believe that parents, along with their state, know about the needs of a child better than the federal government bureaucrats. Education is the foundation for job creation.

Job Creation

As a small business owner, I understand that it is people – not government – who create jobs.  We must empower our local communities to create jobs by supporting policies that promote a favorable business climate.

It is important that we stop playing politics with job creation and allow for business to prosper, especially in places such as our district where unemployment is higher than both the state and national averages.

Fiscal Responsibility

In every household, there are limitations on your budget. If you spend more than you take in for too long, you will begin to pile under debt from which you cannot escape. It is a similar story with our federal government.  For decades, our federal government has spent our money with no regard for the individual taxpayer.

If we continue to allow this problem of overspending, we will increasingly pass along the burden to our children and grandchildren. As your Congresswoman, I will fight to cut federal spending and support a balanced budget amendment.


As a practicing Catholic, I firmly believe in the sanctity of human life.  It is because of this principle that I believe our federal government should not use tax dollars to fund abortions.  I will be a vocal defender of our unborn on Capitol Hill.

Commitment to Veterans

Our brave men and women of the military have earned our eternal gratitude through their many acts of valor.  We thank them for their service in defense of our nation, its people, and its values.  Our veterans deserve to know that our nation will meet every commitment we have made to them in return for their service.
My husband and other family members served in the United States Armed Forces proudly for this country.  I have personally sat in the waiting room with a loved one for hours to see a physician and understand veterans' frustration.  I have helped veteran constituents during my time working for U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold.  I have listened to our veterans' needs and will continue to work hard to provide them with the facilities and help they merit.  U.S. Congressional District 34 veterans deserve a V.A. hospital, and as your future Congresswoman, I will do everything possible to make this a reality.


Our current federal immigration policies are in disarray. We have an immigration system that is broken and utilized as a political chip. This is unacceptable.

The first step I would take as your member of Congress is to hold the executive branch, the President, accountable for inaction. The issue must be brought to the forefront.  For too many years we have heard about immigration reform and all that we have to show is a poorly executed policy by the federal government that has left our land, farmers, and other citizens behind a poorly executed wall. In its current state, the border wall is senseless.

As a member of the Texas Southmost College Board of Trustees, I fought to keep the border wall from dissecting the college. Instead, I along with the Board of Trustees, demanded that the federal government use sound judgment. By fighting the good fight, we were able to succeed in keeping the wall at the edge of the college land. I fought for common sense and good public policy.

True immigration reform will take good reasoning from our policy makers. I ensure you that I will fight for action. Positive reform means more funding to increase border security. It will take money from Washington to place more federal agents along our border, creating employment for American citizens and increasing border security. Once again, lets use our common sense to find common ground.